2009 06 AMC group photoWe are the Church, the body of Christ, a community committed to Kingdom living as revealed in God’s Word.  We are an Anabaptist-Mennonite congregation, rooted in the radical Reformation of the 16th century, with an understanding of faith that calls us to follow Jesus in our everyday lives, to work at making peace, and to view the gathered community as a vital witness to the world.

 Sunday mornings are the “hub” of our life together.  The Sunday school hour provides opportunity to wrestle with what it means to be a disciple through a combination of study, discussion, and hands-on activities.  Our worship celebrates God as Creator and Jesus as Lord and Savior while providing plenty of room for the Spirit’s leading.  Our style is intergenerational, participatory, eclectic, informal, relaxed, and creative.  In monthly observations of Communion and special services such as child dedications, baptisms, foot washing, and anointing, we recommit ourselves to God and to one another.  In such an atmosphere we share and pray openly.  We enjoy fellowship within and beyond the meetinghouse and celebrate life’s high points together while supporting one another through difficult times.  At AMC we bring together a rich resource of backgrounds, gifts, ages, occupations, and addresses.  We value our diversity, recognizing the blessings as well as the challenges that it brings.  When conflict arises, we practice patience, active listening and speaking the truth in love.   We work long and hard to achieve consensus, sharing grace as we move toward reconciliation and wholeness.

While we look forward to the promises of a new heaven and a new earth, we are aware of our present responsibilities in this world.  Because of God’s love and mercy to us, we are called to serve others.  Others include our Ambler neighbors, persons we interact with at work or school, and those in need throughout our country and beyond our national borders.  As individuals, as families, and as a congregation, we are involved in offering the gospel to those suffering economically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Mindful that all good gifts are given to us by God, we are also called to be careful stewards of creation, wisely using our time and treasures to promote peace, justice and shalom.  We seek ways to live simply so that all of our lives honor God and reflect our relationship with Jesus, who taught us to pray for a Kingdom reality “on earth as in heaven.”  May it be so and may we be active participants in it.  Amen.